A Great Writer Resides in You

We like to make it personal

Why make it personal? Why not just any other ordinary deal? It’s only because your manuscript is as unique as your talent. We cannot predict if your book will be a bestseller but we do know that a great writer resides in you. The success will definitely come sooner or later but let’s start your journey today!

Being recognized as the best writer is more of an emotion as much as it is an achievement. When you put your emotions into your work, it eventually becomes an achievement. Regardless of how many people know you, you learn to put forth more effort when you gain recognition. Congratulate yourself!


Affordable Packages

Don’t let money become an obstacle in your road to success. BooksLoveMe Publishers facilitates you with an affordable package that helps you overcome this rollercoaster ride of becoming a published author.


Prepared with Expertise

Everyone expects to receive the full value of money that they spend. We will provide you with satisfactory output regardless of the package that you purchase from us. Our team of experts displays its commitment to bring forth the best results for you.


Passionate for your Success

You no longer have to scour through the internet in pursuit of the most reliable and committed publishers beyond us. The prospects of earning and publishing become extremely simple through easy-to-understand processes that we have formulated.

To Whom We Cater

We exclusively cater to those people who are passionate about writing and expressing their thoughts in a creative style. Your manuscript can be transformed into a successful book and we can assure you of a friendly experience when you get in touch with us. From editing to designing & illustration, everything is done precisely to breathe life into your book.

If you have a drive to thrive then we provide you the fuel to keep conquering your specific set of personal goals. We put sincere efforts in turning your manuscript into a highly marketable book. Providing you with a straight path to your ultimate road to success is what our team of experts is highly specialised in.

An Important Note

All our transactions are done under our legal name that is UJ Retail. On all marketplaces, we use our legal name in place of Booksloveme Publishers.