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  • Submitting the whole manuscript and leave everything on US.
  • Publishing your vision and helping you to gain recognition in the world along with money inflow.

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Process to Self Publishing

You might have considered the self-publishing in India a daunting task, until you came across BooksLoveMe Publishers. We have been in this market for a long time and understand you as well as the issues you are facing to self publish your book. Whether applying for a copyright or struggling to promote your book, we got you covered. We at Bookloveme have simplified the process to self publish your book with us. Read on the step-by-step guide to publish with BooksLoveme.

1. Discussion

Fill the contact form or call us directly. Thereafter, we will assign you a Publishing Consultant who will give you the true insights about the whole process. We will discuss about the vision you have for your book. This round would help us understand you and your needs. 


2. Sample Submission

Once we understand your requirements, the Publishing Consultant will ask you to submit a few pages of your manuscript so that we can analyze it. Our team will analyze a number of aspects like writing style, editing, book formatting, proofreading, interior design, image placements, and more. Once we are done analyzing it, we will send you a report about the errors and changes your book needs to make and also suggest you a most suitable publishing plan.

3. Plan Selection

This is going to be the most crucial step for you, and decides the guiding path for your book. Our team understands and suggests you the most suitable package as per your needs and expectations. Based upon your own requirements and advice from our experts, both you and Booksloveme together come up with the plan most suitable to you.

4. Contract and Payment

Once you select the plan, we will send you the contract. After you accept and respond, you need to make the payment according to the selected plan. Now, send us the whole manuscript and leave the rest of the process on us. 

5. Publication

Now, it’s our turn to start working out with your manuscript so that we can create it as per your vision. After completing each milestone, we will contact you for your approval whether it is for cover design or for book interior. The Publication Manager will remain your point of contact through the entire publishing process. After this, we will send the book to our printing division.

6. Launch and Distribution

When your vision converts into the paperback, we will launch the book after approval. Thereafter, we will start the National and International distribution in paperback as well as in eBook.

7. Marketing

As per the selected plan, we will do our best to promote your book so that it attracts the interested readers. However, you don’t have to worry if you haven’t selected the plan that comes along with book marketing. Our marketing assistance will walk you through the process for free and will further discuss the details for a successful marketing.

8. Earning

This is one of the important aspects of your entire journey. When your book reaches the market, it starts to generate revenue. Sales report will be sent to you on a monthly basis along with the payment which will be released before the 10th of each month.

Why Authors Choose Us

When authors write their hearts out in the form of a manuscript, they have to go through months of hard work. We don’t want you to put in more effort to publish it. Booksloveme Publishers knows the efforts you have made to write your book and knows how to publish a book successfully. That’s why we offer you MORE as compared to others.

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Print On Demand with no Author Branding

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All Basic Services With 1 Month Author Branding

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Plan B


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All Professional Services with 1 Month Author Branding

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    Why authors choose us over other publishers.

    Every author wants to publish their book so good that every time they see it physically wants to admire themselves of being a best and published author. And I am a proud and published author only because of Booksloveme Publishers. Keep up the good work.  

    Simran / Author

    I saw a book publication ad of putting less efforts and earning maximum royalty of Booksloveme Publishers on Facebook and I opted it right away. After 23 days of giving details, here is my book and I as a published author. I must say, the hospitality is just amazing. 

    Harshit Verma / Author

    After completing manuscript, I tried traditional publisher but no one responded. Then I shifted to self-publishing and found Booksloveme Publishers as the most reliable one. The team is very cooperative as they resolved all my issues and helped and guided me throughout the journey. 

    Hannah / Teacher

    Being a first time author, I had a lots of queries and issues about self-publication. I wanted to resolve all these before finalizing a publisher. The team of Booksloveme Publishers is very professional. Whatever they commit, they complete it irrespective of the odds. I would say, “a huge Thank-You” for publishing my dream.

    Rohit Sharma / Student

    The quality work of Booksloveme Publishers is impressive. Not only publication but when it comes to marketing and author branding, they are doing commendable work for the sake of authors on such a low cost prices that every author can afford without a problem. 

    Tina Brown / Author

    The team of Booksloveme Publishers claims that they are made to help new authors and yes, it is true. Being a new author, they helped me a lot in whole book publication journey. Team is very good and put 100% effort for each book. 

    Jessie / Author

    Still have issues about publishing your Book? Discuss with our Publishing Expert and resolve them Right Away!

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      frequently asked questions

      These are all general questions most of the authors ask us

      What is Self-Publication?

      Self-publishing refers to the publication of work (not restricted to written media) by its author without any involvement of an established publisher. The author holds complete authority over all aspects involved from writing to getting a book released in the market.

      What are the Various types of self publishing?

      In India, there are different models of self-publishing and their suitability according to the varying needs of aspiring authors.

      Hybrid publishing: Or as it is often called Cooperative Publishing refers to mutually shared responsibilities between the author and the publishing house.

      Assisted Self Publishing: Assisted publishing enlists the help of firms that charge Authors fees for various publishing-related services such as formatting and cover design and copyediting. 

      True Self-Publishing: True self-publishing refers to the practice where the author is involved and in complete charge of publishing their novels to the end goal.

      Is Booksloveme Publishers a Traditional or a Self-Publishing Company?

      Booksloveme Publishers is an author-centric Self-Publishing company which allows the authors with full authority on publishing their hard work. 

      What is the process of Self-Publication with Booksloveme Publishers?

      First, the author needs to contact us with a sample of your manuscript, select a package, approve a few things, approval of the final copy from the author, sending book for printing, and congratulations! Your book has been published and available for purchase. 

      Will I get ISBN for free?

      Applying for ISBN for a book is included in all plans without any extra cost. If you have already applied for an ISBN and want us to use this, we will do it without an issue.

      When do I need to pay for services?

      The payment has to be done according to the chosen plan. When you select Plan A for your publishing needs, you need to pay the full amount at once. But, if you select Plan B or Plan C, you can pay in installments. 

      How much time will Booksloveme take to publish a book?

      It totally depends on the given manuscript. If the book has fewer pages and of small size, it would be published within 2-3 week. If the manuscript contains a lot of issues, it will take 5-6 weeks to publish. 

      Will I be informed about the status of my book’s publication?

      Yes, of course. After all it’s your book, your hardwork and we are just helping you to showcase it to the world. From the approval of cover design to setting the MRP, we are going to inform you in each step. 

      What language and file format do you accept?

      We only accept books in English or Hindi Language. But, still you can give your book for Print On Demand services. 

      Is there any chance a book can be rejected?

      Yes, there are a few things an author must be concerned about before sending the manuscript. It must not contain the followings points:

      • Sexually explicit content
      • Derogatory Comments on any Religion
      • Any kind of Controversial Data
      • Copying others work
      How will I get updates of my book?

      You will be updated by the designated Publishing Manager via call, sms, and E-mail. If you need any kind of help throughout the publication process, you can call the manager to get the real time report. 

      What will be the printing cost of the book?

      The printing cost is totally depends on a number of aspects like:

      • Paper quality (70-140GSM)
      • B/W or Color Book
      • Total number of Pages
      • Type of Binding
      • Amount of copies ordered for printing. 
      Who is responsible to fix the price?

      As stated, you have all the rights of your book, and so are responsible to fix the price. It totally depends on you. In most of the cases, we will suggest the price to the author as per market research. 

      Who owns the rights to my book and do I need to pay you anything if my book gets selected for a film?

      You own the rights of your book and to use the content of your book for any purpose, someone has to take your permission. And, the money you will earn for such projects is all yours; your hard earned money.

      How much royalty will I get and when will I receive it?

      The royalty you will earn from each book depends on different aspects, like the distribution platform, printing cost, transportation cost, discounts, and more. 

      Earning from Amazon India via Prime = Selling Price – (Printing cost + Amazon’s commission + Delivery charges + Handling charges)

      You will get your earnings from all your books before 10th of each month directly in your bank account.