To the readers of Booksloveme Publishers, we present you The Society of Necessities Book review authored by Christopher Bowron; a paranormal activity-based book.

A chance inheritance for Daniel from a mysterious relative turns into a saga spanning across continents and transcending centuries.

Author Christopher Bowron is back with another thriller- The Society of Necessities. In his true element, the author divulges into his love for the paranormal and beyond in this book. Read on for a detailed book review.

About the Author: Christopher Bowron

Christopher Bowron is an established mystery-thriller writer originating from Canada and based out of Florida. Bowron borrows this diversity from his real-life landscapes to provide a vivid backdrop in whatever he writes.


A graduate of History and a broker by profession, Bowron’s versatile identities find themselves in his fictional characters giving them an air of authenticity.

Bowron’s previous works include bestsellers- Devil in the Grass and The Palm Reader. He is also the author of two other books- The Body Thieves which Bowron had self-published and the recently finished Waiting for Morning Time- a survival story based on real-life incidents.

Plot Discussion

In, The Society of Necessities book review, we will evaluate the book on the basis of the plot, writing and characterization.


Daniel St Croix is a jack of his trade, second to none. Living a hidden life as a successful thief, things seem to be looking up for Daniel who ends up inheriting a mansion and a gold ring willed from his enigma of a grandfather Pierre and a date with Sri Lankan beauty Devi. That is until Daniel is hit by a truck and dies. What follows is a story of rebirth for Daniel, who is lured into a world of mythology and the paranormal in search of his grandfather’s reality.

A huge revelation by Daniel’s mother Vivian complicates his life even more. Who was Pierre in reality? Why did he leave his ring to Daniel? And just how priceless is this ring? And who are the people hunting Daniel ever since he was reborn?

The Society of Necessities book review gives a decent idea about what the book is trying to communicate. It is an action-packed mystery-thriller with parallel narratives of Daniel and Pierre across two different points of time. While Daniel’s story is one of adventure and paranormal in present-day Canada, Pierre’s storey is traced in part of 18th Century France blending in the genres of mythology and historical fiction. What links the two stories together? Across the centuries, both characters are chased by the Society of Necessities, a mysterious group of omnipresent order-keepers.


The Society of Necessities book addresses the crux of the book that readers should be aware of. It is a sheer craft of Christopher Bowron who is a master of weaving the plot together. The story seamlessly shifts between three different narratives without the readers getting lost in its fray.

For some, the dialogue form used to describe ‘present-day events in the story might take a little getting used to. That being said, flashback prose is a true example of fine writing.

All in all, Bowron’s book is well-paced and written in a gripping manner that leaves his readers turning page after page.


Christopher Bowron’s characters in The Society of Necessities are all morally grey which is to be expected from books belonging to this genre. From the choice of profession of Daniel to the historical background of supporting characters, ambiguity in morality is a given. Pierre however proves to be much more refined and nuanced in contrast when posed against the male protagonist. The character of Devi, Daniel’s love interest however is drenched with tones of fetishization of her oriental descent with no distinguishable personality of her own.

What is interesting to note is in spite of a large number of characters, no two characters seem to be made out of the same mould.


This book fits multi genres with numerous themes. The themes that this The Society of Necessities book will expand upon today are-

Power Struggle and Authority

Throughout the novel, we find different people in their quest for eternal life and the power that eternity brings. Bowron explores different agencies of authority trying to control all power within their ranks, be it the King, his cousin or the entire Society of Necessities establishment. Bowron explores the concept of “Humans walking along with God” in this novel supplementing the theme of man’s quest for absolute power.

Greed and Morality

Pierre is sucked into a life of runaway with his one act of being motivated by greed. Daniel is a thief living a dual life, one of reality, the other a facade for his mother and the world. The Society of Necessities itself, despite establishing itself as a saviour of humans, operates by a corrupt model of rogues with unchecked power.

Love and Familial Relationships

Christopher Bowron has examined love and partnership in all their entirety in this novel. Rober and Yvette explore the “forever after” companionship. Whereas we find Pierre craving for lifelong intimacy. Daniel and Devi’s relationship is born out of being thrown into unfamiliar circumstances. Bowron also explores the volatile dynamics of St Croix factoring in the long complicated history among other things. The Society of Necessities leaves you yearning for true love.

What Stood Out

Christopher has a penchant for describing beautiful backdrops. This is what makes The Society of Necessities a book with vivid imagery a pleasure to read. The lucidity with which Bowron posits his character’s dilemma is impressive. It captures your interest from the start.

The plot in itself is the star of the show. It breaks apart from the stereotype that all historical fiction is slow-paced. This book is a gripping thriller through and through

Final Verdict

My final thoughts to wrap up this are as follows:

If you are looking for a thought-provoking subject or some significant mystery, then this book is not for you. You might also consider giving this book a slip if shifting perspectives and disjointed narratives are not your cup of tea.

However, if you are interested in alchemy, paranormal science, you might want to read this book. It is a great book that features a blending of history with fiction and mythology. If you are one such avid reader, then this book is right up your alley. Positioning the present world of Daniel with echoes from the past ensures this book does not weigh heavy on your mind. While it is not a quick read. Hence, I would recommend you to pick up The Society of Necessities as a leisure read to fulfil your quota of well-written action-packed thrillers.

Be duly warned though- You will not be able to put this book down midway.

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