Indigo takes you on a journey where unanticipated events are swirling around Esther Rubens almost on a continuous basis. Her marriage goes through some times and she is attempting to mend her relationship with her husband. Moreover, Esther intends to take a closer look at her South Carolina community.

Things take unprecedented turns in her life when she goes to Charleston to discover something that she couldn’t have even anticipated. Did the reality was too far-fetched from her imagination? Well, the answer to that is “Yes” because she is exposed to some bitter truths that she has to confront. Esther’s husband, Melvin gets arrested which the readers will know was the beginning of bizarre events in Esther’s life. She further discovers that she will be inheriting an English property but the person that she inherits the property from is the least she had expected. The property belonged to her cousin that she had no memory of ever existing. 

About the Author: Paula Berinstein

Author-Paula Berinstein

Paula Berinstein has evolved into an accomplished writer. Her unique set of novels not only take you back in time but also give you a whole new sense of imagination. Her great interest in the Sherlock Holmes series makes her come up with new & exciting ideas. She never fails to make use of such ideas in her books. Paula loves to imagine the world that stories create. She feels that every reader has their respective vision that they get while reading a book. Filmmaking is not something Paula is fond of and wishes to continue her literary career as a writer. Paula’s latest novel “The Indigo” takes you on an incredible journey. The novel makes you want to feel the world that she creates.

What is in store for Esther?

The book takes you on a rollercoaster ride right after Esther’s great-grandmother is abducted by the Nazis for unravelling the mysteries of time travel. Sophie (Great-Grandmother of Esther), had prepared a journal and had chronicled the intricate details of time travel that Melvin started experimenting with. Would he be successful in his endeavours or will he jeopardise his life? That’s for the readers to find out as this is where things start to take serious turns in Esther’s life. Esther is pulled into the time travel phase where an event (Can’t be disclosed here) lands her back in time and now she finds herself all the way back to 1750. How did that happen? Let’s just say half-knowledge and struggling execution caused the whole dilemma for Esther. 

All is lost for Esther? 

Upon discovering that she’s been transported back in time, an unfortunate event strikes immediately and she resorts to an Indigo plantation to keep her safe from unexpected events. Little did she know that the problems had just begun after she discovered the grim truth about the owner of the plantation that offers a deal in return for her safety. Was that a right decision that Esther just made or would it complicate her life further than it already had been? However, the deal was disguised for much worse purposes that Esther was unprepared for. 

Deals: Good or Bad?  

Esther is offered yet another deal by the brother of the Indigo plantation’s owner which she gives her assent to. But the question is “Can this person be trusted”? Is their allegiance strong enough to save each other from the evil that is pervasive throughout the lowlands? This is something for readers to figure out as they address the unexpected turn of events in Esther’s life. Something nefarious is always lurking in the shadows that she must be prepared for and there is no one whom she can fully trust. Is that brother of the Indigo’s owner trustworthy? Well, if he is then how is Esther going to keep herself out of harm’s ways? On the contrary, what will be her next move to save herself from the evil deals?  

Is “INDIGO” worth reading? 

If you are an avid reader of books that don’t give everything away in just a glance but keep it under wraps till the last minute, then Indigo will not disappoint you. The book does not only take you on a whole excitement of time travel but also the repercussions that are indispensably attached to it. You might want to be well-prepared for a whole lot of unexpected events to unfold before you get a firm grip on the Indigo. 

Final Verdict about Indigo by Paula Berinstein

The book is a sure-shot to enable you to address the world through Esther’s lens and all the unpredictability that her life is eventually surrounded with. What will happen if she decides to trust an individual from a whole different time period and what if everything goes south? Esther has a choice to make which will eventually determine her fate. Indigo is a great read for someone who loves to fantasise about the peculiarities of time travel that don’t end up well. Paula Berinstein is a great author who has mastered the art of fiction and fantasy that keeps her readers hooked to her work through to the last page.

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