Print on Demand

Print on Demand Books

Print-on-demand for books is the publishing process where an author can avail a very small quantity of books without keeping up with the inventory. Also, when a customer orders a book, Booksloveme Publishers will ship this without an issue. It is a printing procedure where books are printed as per- you got it- DEMAND. 

The books are produced only after a customer places an order and only in the quantity required. You do not have to set aside huge chunks of money for printing hundreds of copies of books.

Don’t waste your precious capital on inventory upkeep. You can avail our service for Print on Demand (POD) for Book !

 Print on Demand for books further helps you save big bucks by saving you from paying for the upkeep of inventory. You can also customise different prints (black and white, Black & White Interior, Color Board Book, paper quality, etc) according to a budget that you decide.

Are you afraid of errors creeping in multiple copies of your book before being spotted? By using Print on Demand for books you can edit manuscripts whenever you want. Want to customise your books for milestones achieved? Update the cover of your books as you go in subsequent prints of your book with POD. 

You can also customise your manuscript into different formats (paperback, hardcover). If you have even one reader interested in purchasing additional formats of your books, you can now accommodate their requests. This works even better for original e-books. Convert them into paperbacks on demand.

Booksloveme Publishing House is the most economically viable platform offering print on demand for books currently in the market. A common concern is you need to sacrifice the quality of published books if you choose to print on demand, however, this is where Booksloveme stands out from other publishing platforms. We bring to you only the best of everything. Our print on demand service for books brings to you uncompromised quality copies of your prized manuscript at the best possible price.