In this Rajaraja Chola book review, you will come to terms with some of the most phenomenal changes that Aryavarta (India) has witnessed.  Rajaraja Chola is an illustrious journey of the formidable King Rajaraja Chola, who ascended to the throne of the Chola dynasty. It reflects the supreme power and unrelenting reign of the king. The people in this time period that the book explores are already well-aware of the conqueror & emperor Ashoka. He was known for his ruthless & ambitious nature that provided him the necessary impetus to conquer Aryavarta.  

Rajaraja, however, is the protagonist who manages to retrieve the land that his ancestors were forced to give up. There is a big gap of 1300 years between the timeline of Ashoka & Rajaraja. But times changed, and it shows how Rajaraja absolutely dominated & decimated his enemies on the battlefield. The book is a great asset for all the history geeks. 

About the author: Raghavan Srivasan

Graduated from Madras University in Chemical Engineering, Raghavan Srinivasan is a constant learner and aspires to keep evolving with time. A post-graduate MBA degree holder from the prestigious McMaster University, Raghavan currently works in the field of social development as a renowned professional consultant.

Raghavan Srivasan
Author: Raghavan Srivasan

He is a New Delhi resident who has an illustrious career in writing & editing a plethora of documents and serves as an accomplished editor as well. You will also learn how precise & infallible his work ethic really is in this Rajaraja Chola book review which is a feat too hard to replicate. 

“Ghadar Jari Hai” is one of the predominant magazines that Raghavan has been working on for quite a few years now. The magazine, however, came into existence as a print publication which later switched its gears to becoming a prominent online magazine today. Raghavan has also authored a series of cover stories, travelogs, articles for the leading online newspapers. His unrelenting passion & enthusiasm for Indian History, Literature & Philosophy has earned him significant recognition in the literary domain. 


In an attempt to help you get a closer look at the Chola dynasty through this Rajaraja Chola book, we will explore some valuable details worth mentioning. We might often wonder how the concept of globalization must have come into existence. It all dates back to the story that Raghavan talks about in his latest Rajaraja Chola, who ascends to the dynasty’s throne of Chola. The Rajaraja Chols book review mentions the intricacies of the king’s period and addresses the concept of agricultural development, the building of modern cities, trade networks, the relevance of governing bodies, and so much more.

The very land that we all currently reside in has been through a lot of dynamic changes in history, which is quite phenomenal to even think about. Rajaraja Chola marked the beginning of civilization which was at its finest back in the day, leading to where we are today. The latest book mentions the details of the birth & early childhood of Rajaraja Chola, who also possessed incredible diplomatic & military ingenuity. Raghavan is an extremely meticulous writer who went to a significant distance to resurface the oblivious reputation of the Chola dynasty in its entirety. 

The highlights of Indian History 

The essence of Indian history is quite palpable as we highlight it all in this Rajaraja Chola book review. The book highlights what it must have been like living in the empire of a great leader & the legacy he left behind. It also addresses the treatment that women & other minorities were subjected to during that period. We all have some homework to do to introspect as to how the modern world became what it is today. History is ambivalent for most people, and the book justifies it by highlighting the prominence of an empire along with the outright injustice perpetrated on the people. 

One of the oldest monarchies in the southern Indian region, The Chola Dynasty, was prominent in the time period of 1010-1153. The dominion was extremely extensive which stretched from Maldives Islands to Andhra Pradesh’s Godavari River. Rajaraja Chola was on a killing spree who kept defeating kingdoms to claim as his own and conquered South India. The entire land of Tamil was a great witness to Rajaraja’s ascension to the throne.

Rajaraja’s legacy speaks volumes even after 1000 years of the outright dominion that Rajaraja had on the lands & his enemies. This is the specific time period that witnessed the surge of modern manufacturing & trade. The entire landscape of social, political, economic & modern growth is ushered in by this dynasty. It also brought forth the relevance of agriculture, nagarams, governing bodies, and a notable surge in the overseas network of trade. You must have gained a decent idea through this Rajaraja Chola book review about the level of courage & gumption it took to bring the Chola Dynasty into existence. In addition to this, the book also touches upon the strengthening of the military apparatus & administrative control. 


The historical relevance of the Chola Dynasty has been chronicled in the subtlest way that a human could have ever done. Needless to say that the Chola Dynasty is one of the few dynasties that ever existed that surpassed its own time period. It was also the longest dynasty as per the historians. The book captures this particular essence in an impeccable way which is too good to be real. The number of meticulous footnotes reflects the rigorous research that went into assembling this book together. We hope you feel the essence of Indian history through this Rajaraja Chola book review which will help you to read the book in its entirety. 

What Stood out 

Ever since the Cholas raided Lanka, it marked the beginning of something totally unprecedented from all accounts. Defeating formidable enemies in the likes of Cheras & Pandyas, you can tell that Rajaraja Chola was hell-bent on his pursuit to conquer all the kingdoms that came in his way. The book, despite being an intricate & detailed account of a forgotten kingdom, it never feels monotonous at any point. The impeccable use of correct words to bring forth the evolution of culture, politics, military, crafts, economics, religion & trade keeps the readers hooked through to the end. 

Final Verdict of Rajaraja Chola Book Review

First off, Raghavan has proved his dexterity of being a history enthusiast through this riveting book. Filled with spellbound details, you can tell that the author means business. You feel enlightened by the intriguing facts that were somehow lost in time. Rajaraja Chola & his accession to the throne is something worth reading. That time period was filled with some of the revolutionary advancements that we witness today. 

However, it doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. Indian rulers contributed significantly to shaping the history of Aryavarta (India), and this book does complete justice that helps you to go beyond the periphery of your vivid imagination. It helps you to live it, feel it, experience it as the dynamic changes & progress are being made ceaselessly. So this is all that there was to mention in this Rajaraja Chola book review to instill a brief idea about the Chola Dynasty. It is undeniably a must-read for everyone who wants to know more about Indian history. 

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