In this Heartless Hette Book Review, you will get a glimpse of what happens when the body is stripped of the heart. The story revolves around the protagonist Princess Hette. She has a lot strewn across her way after having her heart taken away- Literally.

It comes as the repercussion of refusing a sorcerer whose proposal gets rejected by Princess Hette. She is hell-bent on opposing the unscrupulous sorcerer and his influence, and she resorts to being stoic & emotionless. She fights the feelings to remain unfazed, stifling through them until she gets what she longs for-Her Heart. It marks the beginning of an unfathomable adventure. 

Watching her imbibe the life lessons from all the people on her splendid journey makes sense to the readers. The storyline also gives a semblance of gothic horror, but if you tend to start enjoying the book once you come to terms with the story’s core. 

About the Author: M.L Farb

The Whitney Award nominee, M.L. Farb developed a considerable knack for adventures in the likes of scuba diving, climbing, hiking & riding the galloping racehorses. One of the earliest stunts came in the form of successfully climbing up the barn’s rafters when she was nearly four years old.

Author M.L Farb
Author M.L Farb

Farb clearly knows how to draw inspiration from nature & her surroundings to eternalize the moment on the pages of her book. Her novels are mostly in the fantasy genre that contains regaling & exotic stories for all age groups of readers.

In all fairness, her work has also been considered equivalent to the praiseworthy works of Shannon Hale, Lloyd Alexander & CS Lewis. You might have also heard about her increasing popularity through the Heartless Hette Book Reviews circulating online. 

The unfathomable & unprecedented fabrication of the fantasy world is one of the riveting specialisations of Farb that readers can cherish forevermore. With the utter joy of fantasy & profound research work that goes into historical fiction, Farb knows how to capitalise on the narrow window of opportunity.

She is adroit enough to usher in the essence of the fantasy world in her books in ways unimaginable. Farb addresses complex issues which are highly relevant in today’s scenario, which also gives the readers a fair chance to ruminate on the issues they just got done reading. 


A lot has already been discussed & speculated upon the story through Heartless Hette Book Reviews that attempt to fuse the story together. Princess Hette will soon get married, and her husband will be given the royal title along with the kingdom that comes attached to her. 

However, Hette can’t let someone else trade her life that she currently lives around her father to under a husband. There are many in the queue to impress her, but one stands out who poses a significant dilemma for her. He is quite unlike all the others she’s seen so far, but there is more to it.

Her husband comes with a nefarious intention of Literally stealing her heart under the guise of giving her his own. He turns out to be an infamous sorcerer who will go to the distance to subvert her world. Having been victimised by the spell released by the sorcerer, Hette is left helpless & on her own.

She now has to embark on a journey to retrieve her heart. Most of the Heartless Hette Book Reviews that are available online address this part with utter care as it is the soul & heart of the entire storyline. 

On the brighter side, Hette gets accompanied by the “Court Fool” along with a “Village healer” who is willing to get their hands dirty for Princess Hette. They embark on their adventure to find Hette’s stolen heart.

Now this marks the beginning of ceaseless perils that are constantly lurking between them & her heart. However, they need to be concerned about the fact that the very time that they are living in is against them. The entire journey moulds Hette’s character, who knows how to adapt quickly to adverse circumstances. 

Hette: as a Human

Hette comes to grips with what it actually feels like to be living as a regular human. She judges people by their character more than she did by their actions in the past. She also discovers the pleasure of having friends and the laughter induced by them. The precise fabrication of fairytale elements is pervasive throughout the story, which makes it all a great & rejuvenating experience for the readers to cherish forevermore. 

Hette’s maid, Demuth, has a pristine heart that gives you an utter pleasure to read about. Moreover, the character of Peter (“A spell-bound amphibian/frog”) is yet another great character in the story. Konrad, as the court fool, is so relatable & loving.

The entire story wouldn’t have been able to make as much impact as it did have; these characters wouldn’t have been alongside Hette. Interestingly, Heartless Hette Book vindicates this fact as such reviews stem from the readers that loved the story. 

All the fantasy creatures have something to give to Hette when it comes to a valuable life lesson in this original fictional Germania. Furthermore, all the supporting characters have depth & emotions that breathe a new life into the book. The fantasy world feels incredibly realistic that comes in the form of cold, mud, grit, scorching heat.

All the tension becomes intolerable, which helps to fuse the pieces of the story together into a well-plotted scene. A sense of optimism pervades the air right from the moment the story takes off, and the climax is incredibly satisfying in the most unexpected ways. This is what makes the book compatible with all the age groups as the fantasy world unfolds right in front of you. 

Writing & Themes

The majority of Heartless Hette Book Reviews boast of the incredible talent that Farb possesses. It is quite apparent in this story which is a tightly & incredibly written book that features worthy adventure, real love, convincing riddles & highly relatable characters.

The character arc is surprisingly believable in this time when we barely get any authentic & enlightening characters. The book is highly recommendable as it has been written in an easy-to-read format with a plethora of themes that can also be considered a part of lively & riveting discussion.

The fantasy theme has been heavily explored in this book which makes total sense and does not deprive readers of the much-coveted fun and an engaging storyline. The book carries the adventure in abundance that has no room for skip-through pages. The character growth is believable & natural. The very element of failure of Hette shapes her for a much better future where she possesses a greater understanding of herself. 

Final Verdict of Heartless Hette Book Review

Heartless Hette, as the name suggests, is a compelling novel that takes you on an unprecedented journey that you never wish to come to an end. Hette, accompanied by an unlikely toad hero, court fool, soft-spoken maid, makes up for an intriguing story that is not only entertaining, but readers are able to leverage an immersive experience. 

This is one of the predominant qualities that most fantasy writers struggle really hard at. But, not Farb, apparently. Restoring the faith in true love, Heartless Hette is a splendid book from all accounts that a reader usually looks forward to while reading a fantasy genre novel.

We hope that you got some substantial information in the book review of Heartless Hette. Leave us a comment down below to let us know your thoughts on it. 

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