Self-publishing in India has always been treated as a menacing genie to begrudgingly get your books published. This self-publishing market has always been treated as the last resort for aspiring authors, is single-handedly saving the publishing industry in the pandemic and post-pandemic days.

Issues with traditional publishing and the rise of self-publishing in India:

With a shrinking economy, traditional publishers and booksellers have already taken a hit in a reduced number of readers willing to buy books. Lockdown restrictions ranging from complete lockdowns in the pandemic waves to limited hours for store operations and lack of home delivery services have further led to huge losses for book stores and independent booksellers.

Much like other businesses, many sellers were forced to sell off their business, countless long-standing book shops were shut off. Many of those who have remained were forced to downsize on both, store space, inventory upkeep and book catalogues.

Traditional publishing which was already very selective in the kinds of books they published has gotten even more strict with approving manuscripts making landing a deal harder for authors much more than before. Traditional publishers are hesitant and downright refusing to put in any investments in books other than those following in the lines of commercially successful books.

This is because the traditional publishing platforms cannot risk financial losses in case a book doesn’t sell well. The self-publishing industry in India meanwhile has been flourishing with many getting their platforms coming up to accommodate the growing base of authors preferring to go the non-traditional route. Since the industry evolved around first-time authors just venturing into the publishing world and is known to cater to niche-specific authors, it has the added advantage of an early start when compared to traditional publishers.

The Effects of Pandemic

In days following the pandemic, there has been a surge in people opting for ebooks and paperbacks through large e-commerce platforms owing to their set distribution channels and quick home delivery. Self-publishing in India have been using these distributions for books published under them for long have a pre-established dominance over traditional publishers which previously relied on physical book stores. Further, self-publishing platforms offer pay-on-demand services to the authors.

Previously, traditional publishers bulk printed a set number of  copies of a book to bring down per-unit costs However, in the face of reduced sales, this is proving to be risky and expensive. Authors too, usually do not make any money from traditionally published books unless the publishers have earned back a certain amount. With no publisher to pay back to and the pay-on-demand service at your disposal, authors can not only save money on inventory upkeep but also earn more financially.

How does Booksloveme resolve your biggest worries as authors thinking of self-publishing?

While researching how to self-publish your next book are you off-put by the stories making rounds on the internet or do you see in front of you a long journey of constant vigilance and it already seems too tiring? We at Booksloveme believe every author deserves a publishing platform that they can rely on and trust implicitly. We understand the value of your hard-earned money and the rough roads you have turfed to reach this point. Read on to find the common issues authors face while self-publishing and how we at Booksloveme are committed to serving you.

Experienced labour: One of the most common issues faced by authors in the self-publishing market is the money-minting platforms. Many self-publishing platforms are glorified middlemen who use outsource labour and pocket a majority of the difference. This outsourced labour further comprises inexperienced people offering services for low costs. As a result, the quality of your book degrades. Booksloveme on the other hand is backed by a team of only the best well-experienced professionals who will work with great precision to bring out the best version of your book forward.

Proper guidance

Are you afraid of being taken advantage of because the world of self-publishing is new to you? Unlike other self-publishing platforms, Booksloveme Publishing keeps you involved. We assign you your very own publishing consultant who helps breakdown to you the technicalities and processes involved in publishing to help you make your own informed decision.

No Hidden costs

Did a previous author-friend caution you against hidden costs that emerged once you signed and started upon the publishing process and it was too late to pull the plug? Booksloveme publishing has a strong stance against such unethical practices. We disclose and pre-decide all financial costs mutually with you, the author to find out a plan that works the best for you

Individual services

A common issue faced by authors is the lack of flexibility in choosing the various publishing services offered as a package by publishing platforms. We at Booksloveme publishing also give you free rein to add and subtract the services in our catalogue aside from offering curated packages. We believe that authors truly should have all the control over how they want their books to be published.

Direct Communication and full transparency

Is one of your biggest fears being ghosted after signing the contract or having to constantly check in for fear of being out of the loop with the process? We at Booksloveme got you covered. Our platform holds a complete transparency policy that involves you in all the decisions taken regarding your book. You can also get real-time updates on the status of your books through one of our exclusively assigned representatives. Booksloveme has changed the game by making self-publishing easy for authors in India. With a simplified publishing process and seasoned teams of professionals, we help you turn the vision you have for your manuscript into a full-fledged well-published book that is sure to fulfil your dreams of being an established writer and bring your works to the notice of the masses.

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