You would agree with me if I say, “writing a book is an easy task but searching for the best book publishers in India and selling the book to the right audience is a difficult one”. 

When you write, you don’t need to be dependent on any person. You can create any character of your choice, wrap any scene in eyes filled with emotions, and write what your heart wants to write.

But, the real game starts after writing. Making necessary changes, book design and formatting, finding appropriate images, giving credits, and the most important thing: finding the right publisher.

I put it at last but most of the successful authors complete this task at first because all the efforts of a writer solely depends on the publisher. If the publishing and distribution is good, most probably the book will sell and can become a bestseller.

And, if you are unable to find the right publisher for your book, your months of hard work can go in vain. You might be wondering why I am saying this to you and what the choice of right publisher impies to you. 

A good book publisher in India has a good distribution network, which can help you sell from the 1st day of selling. Also, a trust signal also flows from a book publisher to the author that lets the audience believe the author too. 

Publishing isn’t a single task and book publishing houses have to go through a number of processes to publish a book. In fact, it is a combination of a number of tasks, like copyediting, book formatting, cover design, selection of size and paper, technical editing, typeset proof, and more. 

A good book publisher knows how to cope with all these tasks and publish an Indian author book flawlessly. Also, they have a good team to support all these processes. If you are thinking of self-publishing a book, I want to ask you something- are you able to do all these tasks alone? If yes, just go for it and you are going to do the best out of it. 

So, choice of selection is the thing that is capable of deciding what is going to be next. In this blog, I am going to give you a list of top 10 book publishers in India that you can try for your book. Before selection, please make sure to compare the royalties or earnings you are going to get after publishing between two publishers. And, check everything. Do not let any stone unturned

Arihant Books

If you are in preparation for government exams, you must be aware of Arihant Publications. After all, it is one of the most popular competitive Book Publishers in India in terms of academic books and scholarly materials. This company came into existence in the year 1997 and the head office is situated in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. 

Mostly, they publish academic materials for Engineering, High School, Entrance Exams, Medical Studies, Polytechnic, and more. Currently, the network of Arihant Publications is vast with 23 sales and support offices across India.

Anyone with a manuscript can submit their work to Arihant by following this PAGE. Also, you can check more information on terms and conditions on the same page. 

Jaico Publishing House

How did it all start in India? I mean, how did book publishing in India start? The answer is pretty simple, Jaico Publishing House has started. It is the first book publisher in India who started publishing in the English Language all genre books in paperback format. 

Jaico Publishing House was founded by Jaman Shah in 1946 and was a book distribution company at first. At that time, India became independent and evolving day by day as per the needs of India’s people. 

Jaico doesn’t publish books from all genres. It is mostly known for religious books, self-help books, philosophy books, business titles, and more. 

Not only this, Jaico has a separate book translation division where most of the best selling English books are translated into 9 Indian Languages. You can send your completed manuscripts to Preeti Sao, Editorial Coordinator by following this PAGE

Rupa Publications

Rupa Publications was established in 1936 in Delhi: before India’s Independence and is considered one of the oldest book publishers in India. More than 90% of books published by Rupa Publications have been converted into an e-book (digital format) to reach a wider audience. 

This publication is into a number of genres and accepts the same to publish. You can submit your fiction or non-fiction book by sending the hard copy to the head office. Moreover, you can follow this PAGE to get more information.  

Penguin Random House India

It is one of the best known and best publishing houses in India. The first Man Booker Prize winner of India for the novel The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy is published by Penguin India. It is the subsidiary of international publishing: Global Publishing House. In India, it was established in 1985 with the name Penguin India. 

This house publishes all kinds of book categories as there are no definite book categories. Even, they published and translated books in more than 9 Indian native languages. They also accept an open submission policy, so you can directly submit your manuscript. For more information, you can visit this PAGE.  

Roli Books

Roli Books publication house deals in totally different genres. This is mostly known for its crafted books generally on photography, recipes, Indian arts, and more. Pramod Kapoor founded this Indian publication house and was recently honoured by The Legion of Honour ( Highest Civilian Award of France) for his lifelong commitment towards Indian Heritage books. 

To publish your work, you can directly approach them with your manuscript and other necessary details. You can follow this PAGE to approach them.

HarperCollins Publishers India

You may have heard this name as HarperCollins Worldwide on the global platform. Similarly, they have a subsidiary with the name HarperCollins India. It is old too as it was launched in 1992. This publication house has also been given a Man Booker Prize for the book The White Tiger by Adiga

This publication house is considered as a top among the list of book publishers in India. Also, they didn’t have any kind of problem publishing Poetry books. Even, they run a program with the name Harper Hindi Program to inspire the newbie writers. You can submit your manuscript by following this LINK

Pan Macmillan India

This is also a subsidiary of Global Publishing House: Macmillan Publishers. It was established in 2010 in India. It covers mostly all genres and subgenres. Till now, they have been publishing their books under the Picador imprint. Now, the company has added two new imprints i.e. Pan and Macmillan. Picador imprints are totally dedicated to printing literacy Fiction and Nonfiction books, whereas Macmillan imprints are totally dedicated to commercial fiction and nonfiction books. Also, the Pan imprints is dealing with general fiction and nonfiction books. Moreover, you can submit your manuscript by following this LINK

That’s it. Now, it’s your turn to read the terms and policies of each publishing house and decide which one is made for you or not. Don’t forget to calculate the royalty percentage when you compare your earnings with one publisher to another.

What do you think, which book publisher in India is going to help you out? Don’t forget to mention the name in the comments.   

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