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40 Best Famous Indian Hindi Story Writers Praised Globally (OCT-2023)

famous indian hindi story writers

Indian Hindi story writers have their unique element of using effective language that makes readers cherish not only their work but also become the talk of the town. Hindi stories for reading are widely recognized all over the world and have made a significant impact on the lives of thousands of readers.Indian diversity, culture, ethnicity, […]

How to Publish a Book in India: a Comprehensive Guide for 2022

How to Publish a book in India

Are you still wondering for a guide of, How to Publish a book in India? Stop your search and start reading this. If you have a manuscript ready to be made available to readers, this is a step-by-step guide introducing you to how to successfully publish a book into the market- where to start from, […]

Self Publishing in India : Current Scenario

self publishing in India

Self-publishing in India has always been treated as a menacing genie to begrudgingly get your books published. This self-publishing market has always been treated as the last resort for aspiring authors, is single-handedly saving the publishing industry in the pandemic and post-pandemic days. Issues with traditional publishing and the rise of self-publishing in India: With […]

Top Book Publishers in India: Authors Favorite

Top book publishers in India

You would agree with me if I say, “writing a book is an easy task but searching for the best book publishers in India and selling the book to the right audience is a difficult one”.  When you write, you don’t need to be dependent on any person. You can create any character of your […]

Indian History Books: Top 21 to Know the Hidden History

indian history books

As soon as you google, you will find millions of books on Indian History Books. These are the medieval history of India, the ancient history of India, and the modern history of India. The history of India is ancient and a vast subject to study. The books on Indian History capture a vivid picture of […]

Sudha Murthy Books: Top 10 List (4th is Must Read)

Sudha Murthy Books

“Struggle is life”- Sudha Murthy Sudha Murthy Books: Sudha Murthy is one of the distinguished writers of India. She is an eminent personality known for her short stories. Travelogues, non-fictional pieces, and children’s books are also written by her. She is a recipient of many awards including Padma Shri in 2006 and the R.K. Narayan […]

Indian Writers In English: List of Top 45 Praised by World (October-2023)

top 21 Indian authors

You are looking for a list of top Indian Authors which means you might be an avid reader who wants to taste the essence of top Indian writers. You may want to learn or understand the writing style, the famous authors possess. Or, you may want to know the famous Indian Writers In English. It […]

Top 7 Most Loved Preeti Shenoy Books

Preeti shenoy novels

“Never belittle love” -Preeti Shenoy Storytelling is an art, and the one who masters it can conquer the world. Everyone has a story to tell but how many of us can actually do it in the correct way. If you want to unleash the right way, you must read Preeti Shenoy Books. The recipe of […]