“Never belittle love” -Preeti Shenoy

Storytelling is an art, and the one who masters it can conquer the world. Everyone has a story to tell but how many of us can actually do it in the correct way. If you want to unleash the right way, you must read Preeti Shenoy Books.

The recipe of the most interesting tales is to blend the right amount of words and emotions. Such stories are always solicited by readers. It is said that if you want to know someone, look at what they do and how they do it. This article aims to acquaint the readers with one of the flamboyant writers of India; Preeti Shenoy.

She is one of the best-selling authors of India. Books of Preeti Shenoy reflect her aura. When readers invest time in reading Preeti Shenoy’s work, they get a positive transformation as a result.

Come; let’s get to know her more through her writings. Most of her readers believe that she pens down exactly what and how they feel.

We will take you through some of Preeti Shenoy’s most amazing novels. Then, it is your job to frame an opinion about her. I bet you will end up loving her.

The Secret Wish List

the secret wish list
The Secret Wish List

There are some hidden desires in each individual that we tag as ‘bucket list.’ At some point in time, we all want those wishes to get fulfilled. These wishes could be peculiar like catching a butterfly or lying under the naked sky. But have you ever thought what could be the wishes of a housewife?

Preeti Shenoy, through her novel “The Secret Wish List,” attempts to put forth the desires of an ordinary but not so ordinary house wife. The protagonist leads a mundane life. One fine day, she gets up with a reality check in her head.

She certainly detests the kind of life she is living. She attempts to revive things. Does her effort go in vain? Does she succeed in her attempts?

What is there on the wish list? Why is it that she loathes her life so much? How does she realize that things should fall in place?

If you too have a bucket list and desire to know the answers to all these questions, then hop on. Purchase this very beautiful novel which could change your life too as it is one of the best Preeti Shenoy books.

This becomes a must-read if you are a female and also feel that your life is falling apart. This book will help you find the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Life Is What You Make It

life is what you make it
life is What you Make it

This is frightening, this world without words, this world of darkness and void. I don’t want to be here anymore, I want to make it stop. To be trapped like this in one’s own body is a fate worse than death. With death, at least there is an end. Here, the suffering is endless.”

This modern world is full of hopelessness. Sometimes we feel trapped, aloof, alienated even in the crowd. We feel nobody can understand us.

We tend to overthink, and fall prey to depression and many other psychological disorders. Today, everyone is suffering from one or another mental illness.

In the world that is incorrigible, Preeti Shenoy brings into the frame a ray of hope. “Life is what you make it” is an experiment that she does to help people feel better.

Bipolar Disorder is a psychological disease that grips the central character of the novel. Despite having a fruitful life, and a shining career Ankita Sharma gets engulfed with this illness.

The story is quite similar to real life. The search for meaning in life is a real quest. To get to know what the protagonist makes of her life, let’s delve into the book.

This is the best pick if you feel off track in your life. The book is also one of the most suggested books in the queue.

So what are you waiting for? Grab it! I hope this book gives a direction to your life, just the way it helped me.

Show some love for Preeti Shenoy and take her best fictional work home.

Wake Up, Life Is Calling

Wake Up, Life is Calling
Wake Up, Life is Calling

Life in the modern era has become monotonous. People are so busy that they have no time to talk about anything other than business.

You must have heard about a wake up calls. We set alarms to wake up on time in the morning as we have errands to run.

Similarly, at times we get lost so much that life has to give a wake-up call. That wake-up call could be anything like the sudden arrival of an old friend.

This book of Preeti Shenoy is a sequel to Life Is What You Make It. So, the protagonist remains the same.

Further, it becomes easier for the reader to frame an outline of the plot. Ankita Sharma has attempted suicide twice.

She is sane now and is pursuing her favourite subject – ‘creative writing.’ One day she finds an unusual book in the college library.

This book is a turning point in her life. She gets everything flipped upside down. What is there in the book? What could be the ideology of Ankita?

You should buy this Preeti Shenoy book set to get the answers to various questions in your mind. Moreover, if you are still not convinced, then you should buy it if you ever tried self-harm?

Do you feel depressed? Do you feel your life is falling apart? Compare and contrast your turmoils with that of Ankita and unleash the truth.

The One You Cannot Have

the one you cannot have
The one you Cannot Have

Heart-broken?  Betrayed in love? Cheated upon? Unloved?

If you felt any of the above-mentioned emotions ever, then you are at the right place. Have you ever heard your parents or grandparents say that real love was what we did?

Have you ever been told that in love, you can do wonders? Do you also believe that the depth of love is immeasurable?

Those in love would understand the true meaning of being separated from their loved ones. In the times of hook-ups, flings and benefits, the author brings to the readers a fable of true love.

An eternal ocean would seem small if compared with this love story. The leading couple in the story has never thought of being apart.

They vowed to be together till death gets them apart. But what happens that they don’t end up together? Why is life always cruel to lovers?

There is a twist in the plot. The lovers meet again. What happens next? Does the thing smoothen between them?

To discover the missing pieces, buy this brilliantly crafted novel of Preeti Shenoy. Who knows, you may also meet the love of your life in between the pages!

Don’t overthink. Take home this unwavering love story from the list of best Preeti Shenoy Books and fill your weekend with compassion.

It’s All In the Planets

It's All in the Planets
It’s All in the Planets

Do you believe in the stars? Have you ever approached an astrologer? Do you know people who believe in destiny?

Individuals tend to pre-plan their lives, and they like things to happen in a certain way. But things don’t actually happen as we plan right?

There are phrases that read that God has plans for us other than what we decide. Is that actually the case?

At some point in time in our life, we stand at a place we have never thought of. Through “It’s All In the Planets,” the author depicts a tale of a technician who gets trapped in the hands of destiny.

The central character is Aniket, who is twenty-seven years old. He befriends a lady named Nidhi, who is thirty-two. She decides to be his ‘relationship coach’.

Do they fall in love? Is there anything more than just a love story? What could be the role of destiny here?

Why does Aniket feel trapped? The unravelling of the plot should be done by the reader. If you also feel trapped as I have not told you the plot, then you must grab the copy.

Take a trip down the destiny of Aniket and Nidhi. Find out on your own where destiny leads them. Buy your copy today! The purchase link is given below-

Why Do We Love The Way We Do?

why do we love the way we do
Why do we Love the Way We Do

What are the parameters that we set when we seek a companion? How can you tell whether it is love or lust? What is that one thing which makes you believe your lover blindly?

This novel by Preeti Shenoy is a collection of essays set on a particular theme of love and friendship.

Preeti Shenoy is an active blogger. These essays are extracted from the hugely popular columns of national daily filled by her.

In other words, we can say that this is a manual to love. It is alright for those who tag love as bull-shit because we know they also secretly read romance novels and love quotes.

It is a very different collection from the usual Preeti Shenoy’s works. Maybe reading through the lines enables you to dwell deeper into yourself and discover the hidden love.

Grab this wonderful collection of essays from the collection of Preeti Shenoy books, and give your weekend a tinge of love. Figure out what Preeti has to tell you except your knowledge of love.

A Hundred Little Flames

A Hundred Little Flames
A Hundred Little Flames

We learn so much from our elders. It is widely known and accepted that a child’s first school is home. Children learn most of the things at home.

From manners to language, home has so much to teach. My question to all the readers is that who taught you the real meaning of love; your parents or grandparents?

Well, I am sure you would say, grandparents. The love our grandparents shower on us is eternal and immeasurable.

Preeti Shenoy, through this book, aims to pay homage to the older generation who deserve most of our love and care.

The fable depicts three generations- grandfather, father, and son. The grandfather is old and grumpy. He falls sick and the grandson visits him.

Father, who is ambitious and is least bothered about the lives of others. The son finds solace in the words of his grandfather.

Ayan, the grandson, discovers something unusual about his grandfather. This very book of Preeti Shenoy will let you embrace the past and make peace with it.

While Ayan unveils a hundred little flames from the past life of his grandpa, their relationship also strengthens.

This tale is surely going to allow you to develop a deeper relationship with your grandparents. What else do you want?

Take this book home and learn ways to improve relations.

Conclusion of Preeti Shenoy Books                                                              

It is difficult as a reader to not to fall in love with Preeti Shenoy. There are some reasons why she is one of the best-selling female authors of India. She actually sets a bench mark for other Indian authors. There is so much to learn from her. I would culminate by telling you that even if you are not an avid reader and are looking for a book which could help you start developing reading habits; then you can always pick any of Preeti Shenoy’s work. My personal favorite is “Life is What You Make It.” Tell me yours, drop your answer in the comments section.

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