Fiction Books

Fiction Books

A collection of Best Imaginations that you want to hear again and again…

Romance Books: Let’s Get Emotional

The romance genre is one of those categories that comes first when we talk about best fiction books. People love to read love story; one that the readers can’t imagine. Explore such love stories, read reviews, and select what your heart wants to listen

Mystery Books: Feel the Suspense

When there is a mystery, there must be suspense. This suspense makes a story more charismatic. Our mind predicts ” what’s next?” and most of the time, we fail. This makes a simple story into a bestseller book. Read such books, and start solving the unsolved mysteries.

Crime Books: Investigate the Crime

When someone does something against a law and caught, it becomes a crime. What if the criminal left no proofs behind?. Such a scenario becomes history. Read such solved or unsolved crime stories that shook the world.

Fantasy Books: Enhance your Imagination

Everyone fantasizes. Whether it is a dream of living with a mermaid or owning a life with supernatural powers. Read the fantasy books that let you think beyond this world; live beyond this world.

Sci-Fi Books: Future is Waiting

Everyone wants to see the future, whether it is good or bad. And, science has the capability to let us see tomorrow, today. Explore such best fiction books that are blended with science to give us a futuristic feel.

Short Stories: Live a Little Dream

These books contain different stories rather than containing only one, unlike a novel. Explore such best fiction books that can lighten your mood in a short duration.

Children Books: Be a little Childish

Kids are innocent. They don’t know what is right and what’s not. To show them the right path, offer them the books of morals and ethics so that they can understand the world.