Seven true Stories of Life is a book full of short stories ranging from spooky to happy stories. This book contains all the real incidents, which will take you on a journey along.

The book is merely 23 pages long and a short 30 minute read. It is perfect for all those who can’t spare much time to read but do have a passion for the same.

Ideal for almost anyone, these stories are quite entertaining. Seven true stories book is written in a very simple way so that readers can easily relate.

Each story carries a different emotion and different characters that make you live through the book.

You’ll feel somewhat similar to what the character is going through at that time because the stories embedded belong to the real world.

They are from various periods and locations which shows diversity. The author’s efforts are quite evident.

Although the stories are quite simple, a hidden message is there in all of them. Some stories may seem a little spooky but they are worth the read.

Also, it has a treat for all those who like a little thrill. Some stories even cover a little horror which increases the readability for many.

You’ll find them intimidating yet satisfying. The stories can be used as a bed-time tales for kids as well. It has some intense ones and all the scenes will flow like a movie in front of you.

Introduction to the Author: Prashant Kaul

Prashant Kaul is a young author who defines himself as a vivid dreamer and a thinker. He is writing for the past six years and enjoys it at most.

His first book, ‘It’s Got to be Love,’ was an instant hit among the readers. That book too had a fantastic plot, which is worth the read.

‘Seven true stories’ is his second book that too climbed up Amazon’s bestseller list quite quickly. It is a great achievement for a new author.

It feels great seeing his dedication towards writing. Apart from writing, Prashant enjoys reading as well. He lives in Chandigarh with his family and has three friends as well.

Prashant likes spending time with his dogs and is a big-time dog lover. You can find his short quotes and poetry on his Instagram and Facebook accounts as well.

You can even find him on YouTube for some amazing content. His work is quite amazing and worth all the appreciation.

You can attend some of his Instagram live sessions as well for knowing his journey. This young man is full of zeal and enthusiasm.

His story will inspire you for sure. His writing style is liked by most of his readers because it is quite simple and can connect instantly.

He doesn’t use any big words that may make you refer to the dictionary every little while. He is a fitness enthusiast as well. You will enjoy his work a lot.

Book Review of Seven True Stories

The Seven true stories book is divided into seven short stories, as suggested by the name. The plot of all these stories is a little simple and straightforward.

The author has cut directly to the chase without any kind of nonsense or excess description. All the stories may connect on a different level but some may seem vague as well.

Although the interest maintained is good, one may even pick up speed while reading it but the ending seems a little incomplete in some.

The writing style is simple and you will find it easy to understand vocab. The words can be understood easily. Some phrases used in it enhance the beauty of the story.

It holds a good plot which may attract you. Your interest in it will depend on whether you choose to believe the incidents are happening or not.

Quite intense scenes are depicted within fewer words. This element is indeed commendable. If you are into the story, you may even feel a chill running down your spine because of the scenes.

The story may be short but it will leave an impact on your mind. It is a great read and it holds seven different adventures within these 23 pages.

Each one will bring a different wave of emotions with it so make sure to hold tight through it. It offers a pleasant experience which you will cherish for a long time.

The grip is pretty well and you’ll want to finish it in just one sitting. 

Chapter-wise Analysis of Seven True Stories

Among all seven stories, a few follow the same theme, but each one of them carries a different thrill and adventure.

The first story is about a teenage girl experiencing artificial incidents that shake her to the core. This story gave me chills and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

‘That Night’ on the other hand, is completely different from the first one. The incident shared seems real and any girl can surely relate to it. It carries thrill in it which makes it quite engaging.

The third story seems a little off. Even though it is interesting, another option could be used in its place. It ends abruptly with vivid details.

The next one is for sure the best in the lot. It is also the scariest of them all. All the details in this one are quite impressive. A good choice of vocabulary is fairly visible as well.

‘Paw-sitive Change’ is another story with an impressive title. Perhaps the shortest one of them all, this one doesn’t hold a thrilling story but instead has a simple flow with a cute story.

I can name the succeeding story as peculiar. The incident is well described and will make you ponder over it for a long time.

Last but not least, The Room is a great ending to the book. It carries a thrilling tale and focuses on superstition as well. Personally, from all Seven true stories, I loved The Room and In the Woods the most. 

Lessons to Cherish

All Seven true stories follow hope and a hidden message behind. After hearing so many horrific incidents happening with girls these days, it is a little difficult to trust anyone around.

This important aspect is available in one of the stories. The fact showing not all guys are the same quite appreciable.

Also, sometimes one’s instincts can be wrong despite how strong the intuition might be. One shouldn’t judge someone quick; it can turn out to be a disaster otherwise.

The importance of quick decision making is highlighted through the driver’s character. From the second story, technology is quite beneficial indeed but sometimes it can’t be relied upon completely.

Although technology has advanced a lot, it still can’t beat the human mind and intelligence. One must not panic in case of an emergency; a calm mind always comes to the rescue.

Taking rapid decisions can be quite risky. Keeping calm and being aware of the facts can come quite handy.

Quite evident from the character of ‘Berth Number 5’. Believing in God can be beneficial sometimes.

One must have faith and help may be on its way even in the darkest of times. Spooky or peculiar incidents may sometimes be a hint so it is important to take action accordingly.

Ignoring them may turn out to be a big loss. But one shouldn’t sulk in it too much either. There are many other hidden messages seven true stories as well which you may come across if you read with an open mind.

All that you Need to Know about Seven True Stories

The stories are a good read because they can trigger your thought process within the limited pages. It is a quick one which you can carry along for travel and won’t regret it.

The Seven True Stories book is ideal for even those who aren’t big fans of reading. It will remind you of your childhood when everyone used to wander around short storybooks.

The titles used are pretty great as well. They have been assigned after giving much thought to the story.

They justify the story. Quite plain and yet attractive, they may increase your interest in digging further into it.

The book is worth enjoying. You won’t get bored reading it and will want to continue till you reach the end of it.

It grabs the reader’s attention instantly and will retain it until the end. Each story holds a unique aspect you’ll love.

The twists and turns in all stories are quite unpredictable. They all come up suddenly and take you by surprise.

These sudden twists are what make all the stories worth reading. The flow of the story is steady as well.

Everything is presented in an effortless manner, which is creditable. A few ups and downs now and then seem great.

The mentions of the date add an impressive look to the beginning. The author is Putting an instant mark on the reader. Suitable for all those aged 12 and above, it is quite entertaining. 

What did I like the Most?

One of the most appreciable things about this one is the writing style. The stories have been kept brief, but it is made sure that the interest of the reader remains constant.

You may gain a grip in the story within minutes and will be glued till you finish it. The choice of stories is pretty good as well.

The horror element creates a goofy vibe in the book. Each story holds a unique aspect and emotions. One of them even busts some myths.

Lessons hidden in each make them worth it. It is a small read which adds an advantage to it. The choice of words is great as well.

Any reader can understand the language easily. The titles of all stories are quite well and do justice to the stories ahead.

Some of the stories may reaffirm your faith in God. The dedication of the book is impressive as well. It leaves a good impact on the reader’s mind.

The cover of Seven True Stories alone has a good impact which appeals to the readers to dig in.

The short and crisp stories will hold you till the end and you won’t be able to resist turning pages faster. 

What didn’t I like in Seven True Stories?

One of the huge drawbacks that this book carries is the lack of information about the characters. You won’t know what the character is like; just one incident of their life is available.

In one of the stories, even the name is not revealed. In some places, the number of dialogues is quite less and the scene revolves around narrative only.

The usage of long sentences is evident as well. Although the stories were great but there is a scope of improvement.

The author could have provided a little more detail about the incidents. Also, not everyone may believe in the paranormal stories shared.

Among the seven, three stories revolve around ghostly incidents and another one sharing somewhat spooky which is a big flaw.

Some other genres of stories could be shared instead of them. Some of them seem a little cliché and don’t have much that may leave a mark.

A few stories carry an unsatisfying and abrupt ending which gives an unpleasant feel. A little more attention to the detail would have added a great touch to the stories.

Even after missing these elements, the book is a great read. Suitable for almost all age groups, Seven True Stories will give you the chills.


The emotions expressed in the book are raw and amazing which makes a bit unique. A good overall experience with this one, it is no doubt a good investment of time.

You can read it in any mood and will feel better. The simple yet engaging stories will make your day. A mixture of all kinds of emotions, Seven True Stories, will take you on an unforgettable journey. So grab your copy fast and enjoy the read.

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