Short Story

The best short story is like wringing out the best out of a long story and depicting it in a brilliant way. It is fun-filled that makes you laugh, it has the romance that makes you romantic, and it has thrills/suspense that keeps you glued throughout the story. More so, it can be science fiction, fantasy, mind-bending drama, and young adult. These genres entertain us to the fullest extent in a very short period of time. People like the best short story books not just because it takes less time but also because it has a class represented in very few words. In fact, a well written short story lets you experience almost all the essence of a long novel. Those are quite engrossing and gripping that can give exciting thrills you want to be filled within a short period of time.

Best Short Story – Worth a Try

So, when you don’t have much time to read a voluminous novel of countless pages, reading the best short story is worth a try. These books can give you a real taste of entertainment with a few pages or just in a few paragraphs. Its variety and brevity add more benefits to it. Various genres of best short stories best fit into various ages of people. Some of its categories are for kids and young, and some are for adults only. Some are for every age of people. Such varieties put forth the various options before readers that let them choose the best short story books of their own choice.

Reading the best short story fills the void in your heart and mind. This void has left for knowledge, feelings, and untrue dreams that you always want to fulfill. While you sit on your sofa, take a cup of coffee, and read your favorite story, it takes you to another world. It is though not for a couple of hours, yet gives you peace of mind. Also, a kind of satisfaction, a feeling that somehow you want to delve into but never experienced in reality before. It is in fact an imagination that you fly over while getting lost in fantasy, love, thrill, fun, and emotion.

The greatest bengali stories ever told book review

The Greatest Bengali Stories Ever Told by Arunava Sinha

The Greatest Bengali Stories book is a collection of Bengali folk tales, which every Bengali child enjoys. It consist twenty-one best Bengali stories ever told. All these stories are authored by well-known Bengali writers. Selected and translated into English, the collection is commendable. The short stories are very engaging. The book is also pleasing to …

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