Daddy Teller is a book to live the fatherhood more precisely. It tells us the ways to understand this full-time job in the simplest language. Also, the author teaches us various scenerios to understand the children.

About the author:

Sean Buvala is the father of four children. He’s a full-time storyteller who has told and taught throughout the United States for 25 years. A recipient of the National Storytelling Network’s Oracle Award, Sean speaks to audiences of all types, helping them to understand and apply the power of storytelling in every aspect of their lives.

About the book:

Daddy Teller consists of 8 folktales that have been adapted by author and long-time storyteller, K. Sean Buvala.  Each chapter introduces a simple folktale that conveys a positive moral, such as honesty, integrity, kindness, self-worth, and the dangers of greed.  Buvala stresses the importance of telling each story to your child, rather than just reading it to them.  At the end of each story, he provides “Brick-And-Mortar Story Reminders” and “Coaching Notes”.  The Brick-And-Mortar Story Reminders help the storyteller remember important elements of the story.  The Coaching Notes allow the storyteller to personalize the story in order to appeal to the child more.  In addition to each chapter, a slew of insight and storytelling hints are also provided to enhance the storytelling experience.

Daddy Teller Book Review

After just having read the introduction of Daddy Teller, I was already sold on the premise of this book.  As a children’s counsellor, I’ve seen first-hand a growing need for more active father-son and father-daughter relationships.  What better way to connect with your child than through the fun and engaging act of storytelling?  Although there are many great books out there to read to your child, storytelling allows you to captivate your child’s imagination on a more personal level.  It gives you the flexibility to ad lib, while creating a story that is more relatable to your child.

New to storytelling?  That’s okay.  Daddy Teller gives you a quick and easy lesson on storytelling 101.  You don’t have to be a genius or a drama major to follow the simple steps that are already laid out for you.  It’s so easy, a caveman could do it (That’s a great line.  Somebody should use it…).  Besides, as long as you’re putting forth effort, your child is going to be enthralled with this new form of bonding.

I appreciate that each story in Daddy Teller conveys a positive message.  It is important that fathers introduce such stories in order to help shape his child’s belief system.  The questions and discussion that follow can leave a lasting imprint on curious little minds.  As a result, children learn to make associations and applications to real life situations.

Daddy Teller is a gateway to a deeper relationship with your child.  It is an invaluable book of knowledge, tips and tricks that is sure to bring out your inner hero.  When used in conjunction with your own creativity and personality, you may realize just how much of an impact you can have on a child that craves your attention.  All you have to do is set aside time.  The active role of a father has never been needed more.  Are you ready to invest in your relationship with your child?  If so, be a hero.  Be a daddy teller.

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