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Best children books do a lot more than just improving reading habits in children. It is indeed a storehouse of knowledge, entertainment, and creativity that helps kids grow awareness and education. Other than entertainment books; a moral is hidden that teaches children. Teaches about a worthwhile life and motivates them to dream big and make that possible. Since children’s minds are an unbaked pitcher that can be molded in anyways. In such a case, best kids books are proved quite worthy to inspire them not to get involved in evil and live on the path of virtue.

Best Children books to Educate and Entertain Your Kids


Best Children books are like the best companion of kids that they hold most of the time and love to read. In their affection towards books, study with entertainment plays an important role. This way they understand lessons so easily. So, these books are specially written to depict fantasy in a funny and interactive manner that mesmerizes kids at first glance and pretty much impels them to read. It keeps kids glued while teaching them about honesty, unity, sensibility through interesting plots, and charming characters.

Best children’s books have various genres like storybooks, fairy tales, realistic and historical fiction. They are fun-filled stories depicted with attractive images. For example, books like “Journey of Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” have been a popular choice of kids. Such famous books take kids in a world of whims and fancies. The magical and wonderful extravaganza and entertaining anecdotes of these books enthrall children so much. They are in fact lost in fantasy while reading. They talk like that, act like that, and try to be like that. Thus, the best children’s books help them mold in the way almost every guardian wants.

Gulliver’s Travels Book by Jonathan Swift: Book Review

gullivers travels book review

Do not buy Gulliver’s Travels Book if everyone is telling you that it is very famous. Why? It’s because people buy books just because famous writers are thought to be the best. But what if I told you that this story is more than just voyage adventures? Will you buy it now? If you are […]

Daddy Teller Book Review

daddy teller

Daddy Teller is a book to live the fatherhood more precisely. It tells us the ways to understand this full-time job in the simplest language. Also, the author teaches us various scenerios to understand the children. About the author: Sean Buvala is the father of four children. He’s a full-time storyteller who has told and taught […]

The Mystery of the Invisible Thief by Enid Blyton

the Mystery of the Invisible Thief

The Mystery of the Invisible Thief by Enid Blyton is a fantastic book to read. I have been a great fan of Enid Blyton while growing up (still a fan now!) but I did not have the luxury of reading many of her books. Though I wished to own the entire Enid Blyton collection, I was […]

Ima Pea by Cathy Easter Breland

Ima Pea by Cathy Easter

The cover of Ima Pea by Cathy Easter Brelend instantly brightens up my mood just by looking at it. There’s a cute smiling green pea, the boldly printed title over it and the distinctive purple border. So what’s in it, I wonder? According to the synopsis at the back cover of the Ima Pea by […]