The cover of Ima Pea by Cathy Easter Brelend instantly brightens up my mood just by looking at it. There’s a cute smiling green pea, the boldly printed title over it and the distinctive purple border. So what’s in it, I wonder?

According to the synopsis at the back cover of the Ima Pea by Cathy Easter, this is fiction for children who will learn about the seriousness of certain issues such as depression. There is a story in the book (filled with colourful illustrations!) of a pea called Ima who is not happy about being born a pea, which she thinks is the worst vegetable to be.

So she then goes on to meet other vegetables and thinks that she could be like them instead. But despite wishing wanting to be like them, she still sees the disadvantages of being other vegetables. Until she meets Cob who advises her to just be the very best pea that God created her to be. It only made Ima angry though! She then continues to find the vegetable that she wants to be instead of a pea.

The story comes to a happy ending though for Ima who finally feels thankful for being just the way she is – a pea.

After reading the story of Ima Pea by Cathy Easter, the child can try the interactive games and exercises in the book to review the lessons Ima had learnt. Younger children would need the guidance of an adult with some of the exercises. In fact, younger children would need an adult to read the entire book to them because it is kind of wordy. But I’m sure they will enjoy looking at the cute pictures of the different types of vegetables inside it!

Ima Pea: Including It’s Your Turn Study Guide is a cute and educational 72-page book for children who might sometimes feel that they do not meet certain expectations. Ima’s story can remind them that despite the troubles and challenges they face, there are other people who have troubles that are far more serious.

Another book for children by Cathy Breland is Choices!, which is designed to foster open and honest communication between children, youths and adults.

You can purchase this book from Here.

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