Red Suits You by Novoneel Chakraborty is a perfect blend of suspense, love, and thriller. Want to know how? Keep reading this page to uncover the true insights.

Thriller and suspense novels make you grip to your seat tight. It takes you on a roller coaster ride that always leaves you in awe of the writer.

Sometimes it is like watching a horror movie, wondering when the ghost will strike, right? Well if you think the same and want to ride on a short journey of suspense, then this novel is for you.

What if I tell you that this story would give you goosebumps and you will keep thinking about it for the rest of your day. Would you buy this book?

What is your life to you if you do not know what you are doing with it? Will you be able to consider the fact if I say that sometimes you do not even know your own darkest secrets? 

If you are like me who loves to read unpredictable suspense genre, then you are at the right place. I promise that this novel will fulfil all your desires for diving into a suspenseful world.

Red Suits You by author Novoneel, creates a mysterious aura that surrounds each page. He brings unsure event at a fast pace making the reader completed engrossed. This book review will tell you everything you need to know without giving your spoilers.

 Introduction to the Author- Novoneel Chakraborty

Novoneel Chakraborty is a fictional writer. He was born in Silchar, Assam on 27 October. He did his schooling from Cathedral School, Lucknow.

At present, he works as a full-time writer and scriptwriter, residing in Mumbai. He is one of the three founders of a content company – Act3 Creations which provides content for TV.

Some of his works on TV are Secret Diaries (Channel V), Twist Waala Love (Channel V), Mann Mein Vishwas Hai (Sony) and others.

He is the best-selling author of ten romantic thriller novels and one short story collection. Novoneel is known for his twists, dark plots and strong female protagonists. Also, he is popular as Sidney Sheldon of India.

He finds writing thriller-romantics interesting, so most of his work revolves around it. The author finds philosophy amusing; that is why his work always contains beautiful lines. Lines that make you stop and wonder.

In one of his interview, the author said, “Love means freedom. If someone cannot make me feel free, I don’t think it’s love.” And this reveals the beautiful side of the authors 

His first book “A Thing beyond forever” came out in 2008. And it has won the national bestseller tag in a few months of its release. Like “Red Suits You” author also has written, “Black Suits You”.

Other works of Novoneel Chakraborty-

  • That Kiss in the Rain (November 2011)
  • How about a SIN tonight? (May 2012)
  • Ex…a twisted love story (October 2013)
  • The Stranger Trilogy-
  • Marry me, Stranger (November 2014)
  • All yours, Stranger (July 2015)
  • Forget me not, Stranger (April 2016)
  • Black suits you (November 2016)
  • “Forever Series”
  • Forever Is a Lie (August 2017)
  • Cheaters (February 2018)
  • Forever Is True (October 2017)

Red Suits You Book Review

Red Suits You is a short novel with less than sixty-some pages. But still, the author has not failed to stand on each note needed for writing a thriller.

Reading this book will not take you more than two-three hours, but the wild road it will take to will make you love it. The book has ten chapters and each of it is a new twist to the story.

If you like being on your heels while reading a suspense thriller because that is what they do, this is the best pick. I will not lie to you when I say that even after being a short novel, this has an incredible plot twist.

The author has perfected in creating the chain of incidents that you will not be able to leave. I, as a reader, was not able to keep it down because I wanted to know what happens next.

Thriller and suspense genre stand out when they are capable of creating excitement. The sense of race and shock your blood feels is the best part about reading this novel.

At some points, the book will scare you at others; it will send a shudder down your spine.  And I promise you will not regret completing Red Suits You by Novoneel Chakraborty.

Red Stands For A Dress Or Something Very Different?

Red Suits You, the title and also the front cover of the novel both themselves send chills inside your bone. Don’t they? The first question that came naturally to me as a reader was what is with the name of the novel.

Why red and what does this red tells here? The suspense that revolves around the colour side of the title will hold you till the very end of the novel.

Many factors make thriller amazing, and the title is always one where it all starts. Red has so many meaning to fit in. Red could be the colour of someone’s dress or someone’s lipstick.

What is the colour we associate love with? But at the same time how can you forget the colour of blood itself. The author pulls many threads from between the pages that make different clarifications.

The novel makes a lot of philosophical sense at the beginning, along with creating a grip over shocks. Along with that, I must say that the cover page is quite appealing.

The front of the book influences the reader(s) to go for this book. If you are still wondering what red stands for then, indeed, I’m not the one who will tell you the why behind red.

 It is something that connects the story and will leave you amazed at the end. Telling you about the title won’t come without revealing a lot about the story itself.

 So if you want to know if the red is for someone’s dress or emotions like love, anger, you need to read Red Suits You. On the other side it could also be hiding a completely different and shocking aspect of the story.

What If Someone Comes Back From Dead?

If we talk about how the story unfolds the different spins of scenarios, then I will end up giving off the spoilers. I, as a reader at the start doubting that will I even like what I’m reading?

But as I dived into this small world created by an author, I was not disappointed. Lets take a little insight into the plot of the book. The story all belongs to our main male lead Kanav Raghuvanshi. 

He lives in a not so big yet amazing apartment and works from there. He is like any other normal man with a job and a fiancee named Kashika.

Now the tragedy that made my heart break into pieces is that Kanav has lost Kashika in a horrible accident. The cause and reason behind this accident is something you will yourself have to find out.

Kanav after this incident has lost his will to live and is seeking professional help. Anahita is the third character that we know about in the book.

She is Kanav’s therapist friend who is helping him deal with this tragic loss. Several pages ahead, we see that Kanav is improving and coming to acceptance about his life.

On Anahita’s advice, he also accepts to try finding love again. But as the book unrolls Kanav starts getting a vibe that, Kashika, his dead fiancee is back somehow.

Now, someone can come back from dead? How will you explain the events Kanav is so sure about? Is this something about paranormal stuff or is Kashika actually came back, but how?

She dies, didn’t she and dead people cannot come back. The question is, is this book taking a spooky twist? Or is there something cooking behind the readers’ eyes?

I freaked out when I read that Kashika is back, who will not? Well, reading this novel is the only way to find out the truth.

Will You Believe If Someone Tells You That You Are Going Crazy?

You are in a perfect and fine state of mind, and carrying out your daily life works. You are busy when from out of nowhere and start feeling the presence of someone dead for a year now.

And, you know you’ve felt their presence, and you loved them, so how can you be wrong about something like that? I will not believe it because I know I have been doing my daily task in the same usual ways.

I don’t feel crazy. Why do I believe you? When Kanav, the male lead, starts feeling the presence of his dead fiancée, people tell him that he is going crazy. He is in the phase of his life where no one believes him.

Everything he saw and felt made me trust him because I saw those things with him. All the things are a tale sign that Kashika is back and it can be possible that she did not die in the first place.

But no one seems to trust Kanav, and that is where I as a reader, felt gripped to the story. Every chapter shows us many peculiar things happening like faking scenarios, false faces, blood, love and then these proofed signs. Till the end of the Red Suits You, you will find yourself connecting dots and making conclusions.

Everything we see is not true, but it could be real, right? Various weird and creepy things happen in the book, twists and turns. At some points, I dropped all the theories I articulated.

But there were always doubts and confusions still hiding somewhere. Thrillers and suspense genre should be like that, keeping you on the tip of your toes.

And this small novel, Red Suits You, is everything you can ask for, packed in mere ten chapters. The story is so much more than what I have told because I cannot afford to spoil things for you.

Every line I have written about the novel in the review could be a lie or who knows how much I told is correct. This is something I will leave you thinking about.

What Do I Like The Most in Red Suits You?

Reading suspense and thriller novels, I always expect more than I should. We as readers want mysteries to boil our blood and this short novel gives you that.

It is of course, not the perfect example of thriller novels but still being a short book it succeeds. There were many things I liked about the book, the first being a very simple writing style.

The author did not try to overuse fancy words; he perfectly used his vocabulary. You will not feel the need to open a dictionary while reading the novel.

Even if you are an ardent reader or not, this short thriller book is fit for both. For people starting with suspense genre, this book could be a perfect beginning.

People who are a lot into mystery novels will also enjoy this short book because the twists are very good. One thing that grips you as a reader is the pace of the book.

Red Suits You is fast with pace and throws at you several twists on each page.  Also, despite the book falling into crime-fiction, there is no adult content, which is good.

The characters of the Red Suits You are strong and gender doesn’t play any role in the same. Throughout events, we see layers of the characters being explored in a gripping manner.

Also, the fact that I was receiving shocks very often made we want to read more and complete the book. To conclude it is a fine book by the author Novoneel Chakraborty. He has done a good job within ten chapters and created a perfect thrilling adventure for the readers.

What Didn’t I Like in Red Suits You?

Red Suits You is a short novel and to be honest, Novoneel Chakraborty has not failed anywhere. Still, there are certain things which I as a reader missed.

Since the novel is very small and completes within ten chapters, I saw no character growth. All the character has specific boundaries attached to them.

If you are someone like me who love to see their character grow, then you will miss that a lot in this book. Characters are the essence of the story and knowing so less about each one of them made me feel less connected.

I think the novel was all about finding the truth, discovering what is right and what is wrong. I had the interest in some places to know the reason behind the behaviour of certain characters but I got none.

Although, the less revelation somehow saved us from getting spoiled. So this was one big thing that bugged me a lot.

The second thing that I expected from the story was that the author should have given more time to the book. He finished it off within 50 pages which kind of is also an advantage but when you’re used to the build of story, you miss it.

Red Suits You could also seem very simple for readers who are the sucker for suspense novels. These readers could find it a little predictable.

But still, this is one of those novels, you can pick when you do not have time but want something that racks your nerves. All and all the book is a perfect pick for people who a new to the thriller genre.

Best Quotes from Red Suits You

The author has included some interesting lines in the book like that speak a lot about emotions and feelings:

“Moving on doesn’t mean you have to forget her. It means to accept reality.”

As you can see the philosophy of life is told in simple words in quite an effective manner here. It shows you the reality of life.

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