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It’s human nature to explore things as far as mind approaches. The intent is the same for reading or liking Best Crime Books. We love to look into the criminals’ mind that is so different from the usual one. We get enthralled when the protagonist solves the brilliant deeds of criminals and catch them. Perhaps, it is our curiosity to delve into the dark intents and see them descended after so many rises and falls. Such experience keeps us glued and gives us mental satisfaction. This is where the best crime books play a vital role. The books of this genre take you to electrifying crime fiction and let you fly over unlimited thrills.

Best Crime Books That Will Keep You Hooked Till the End

Even though the genre is a crime, people have various likings, some like classic crime stories or some do semi-fictional plots. Also, some love crime romance, crime drama, and so on. But Among all, there are some common likings. This is the level of perfections of some best crime novels that makes them liked by almost all. These books are so grippy, scary, and full of mystery and thrillers that make you excited to your core. It lets you get lost in what happens next and gets glued in the clues that led the protagonist to unravel the mind-bending plots.

So, if you are a voracious reader, get ready to make your appetite satisfied with the best crime novels enlisted below. These are highly recommended books thereby worthy to read. Perhaps, it’ll spin your mind for a while until you start reading. But, as soon as you go on reading some pages, we can bet; you couldn’t help reading the book in one sitting.

Red Suits You by Novoneel Chakraborty: Book Review

red suits you book review

Red Suits You by Novoneel Chakraborty is a perfect blend of suspense, love, and thriller. Want to know how? Keep reading this page to uncover the true insights. Thriller and suspense novels make you grip to your seat tight. It takes you on a roller coaster ride that always leaves you in awe of the […]

Murder in a Minute by Shouvik Bhattacharya: Book Review

Murder in a minute book review

How often is it that you come across a crime thriller book that you cannot put down till you have read the very last line? That doesn’t happen quite often, right? The pain of having turned the pages through half of the book and still not getting the feeling of thrill, enjoyment, and suspense is […]

The Slut Chronicles: Betrayed by Kritika Sharma (Book Review)

The Slut Chronicles book review

She is a Slut. This one line is enough to make Ishana (lead character) lose her calm and lash out on the person she is dealing with. Why? Because this word supposedly wipes out all good deeds of a person for the public. Ishana is the perfect example of what people call ‘Beauty with brains.’ […]