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Best Cover Page Designer

When you mindlessly scroll through books on Amazon looking for your next read, what makes you pause on a book long enough to read its description? Chances are, more often than not it is a beautifully designed cover page of the book.

Whoever said never judge a book by its cover perhaps knew the power a good book cover holds. With hundreds of books releasing every month, you need the best cover page designer up your sleeve to give your book a fighting chance. 

To create a best-seller, the best cover page designer will factor in a lot of background research. Some important points to discuss before starting on the design are :

The brand image of the author: If the author of the book is already published then the designer will use an organic unifying factor of the author’s image. If it’s a first-time author, then the projected image will have to be considered.

Genre or sub-category of the novel: A good book cover always reflects the genre or subcategory of the book in one glance. The best cover page designer for you would be the one who understands the other bestselling books in your niche and will be able to identify the chief element in all the novels. 

Elements from the story: The best cover page designer is the one who takes out time to go through your books, identify elements that symbolise something significant in the book and recreate them on the cover. 

Content to be displayed: The title of the books and blurbs are important. A well-placed quote (from the book), success metric (eg- 100,000 copies sold), or praise from critics lends more credibility and helps influence buyers’ decisions.

Font style and formatting: After the “what” font you put in, the next question is “how”. The readability of the cover page is very important. The amount of care you put in to decide your book’s title, all comes to nought if the readers cannot find the title of your book first thing after pausing or reading your title due to the font style. If your book will be available on online platforms then the entire cover page should be coherent as a thumbnail too. 

If you are self-publishing your book wanting to design the cover yourself the best cover page designer for your book is you. You are the closest to your work and get to bring to life your own vision. With the help of Booksloveme Publishers, you can get one of the most important elements of your book done right. If designing is not your forte, you could outsource the work to able and well-experienced professionals.

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