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Frequently Asked Question!

Do Booksloveme accepts Book Review requests?

Yes, of course. We love to review those books that our readers want to read before purchasing. The process is pretty much simple. The reader has to write us a mail with relevant details like the reader’s name, book name or cover photo, and a message. Once the count for this book review exceeds 100, we would try to review the particular book in one week.

What to expect in a Book Review?

Reviewing a book isn’t a simple process as it looks. It is not like purchasing a book and writing about it to make a proper book review. Otherwise, a review is capable of justifying whether the Book is worth reading or not as per the reader’s taste. Our book reviews contain little detail about its plot, characters, storyline and a lot more info so that a reader can understand the title better

Which genres do we accept for Review?

In general, we accept almost all categories other than academic books. But, reviewing a picture and technical book is a kind of difficult task for us. Sometimes, giving chocolates and candy isn’t enough to make a kid agree to read a book, and finding a tech reviewer isn’t an easy task too. We only accept paperback and hardcover versions (yes, the scent of a new book is one of the reasons).

How can we help Authors grow?

Writing is not everyone’s piece of cake. We know the efforts an author put into writing a book. Whether it is a day or night, or it is not a positive situation, the writer has to write. The writing starts with a hobby and slowly it becomes a duty that must be fulfilled. If we can help you fulfill your duty, we would love to do it. We understand you and your needs.

How Authors can approach Booksloveme?

Authors/Publishers can approach us when there is an upcoming book release or a book launch event. We try to cover such events as this helps the book to gain more exposure among readers. Even, we will cover the event by writing a blog and through YouTube. To approach us, write us a mail on and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Do we promote the author’s work?

The ultimate goal of the author is to gain more and more readers. And this is one of the tough tasks to pursue. To help authors, we promote the author as well as their work on our social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and more. Also, we invite the author for an interview on our YouTube channel and also write an unbiased book review.

All the Book Reviews published on Booksloveme are our sole thoughts and not influenced by any author or publisher.

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