Marketing Assistance

Marketing Assistance for Books

If you are a first-time self-publishing author with a freshly printed book ready to release and looking for help for the daunting task of marketing your book, Booksloveme will help you reach the right audience. Inline other platforms you do not have to sign any multi-combination package to avail our marketing services. We offer both pre and post publishing marketing services where you will be guided by top experts and experienced mentors in the field.  

Reach your audience with Booksloveme ‘s Marketing Assistance for your books

With Booksloveme you can order any quantity of Pre-released copies of your books for early review or for PR purposes. We provide marketing assistance for setting up events like book launches and book signing in various offline locations. As a part of our marketing services, you can hold promotional interviews (both, offline and virtual) at leading radio stations and regional newspapers.

Booksloveme is a well-established publishing platform with a wider audience of readers and fellow writers. Cater your books not only to domestic markets but to international readers as well. We can help you connect with our communities and aid your social media collaborations to amp up your social media reach. A well-timed giveaway can help revive your book sales by getting people talking.

With an extensive network, under our marketing assistance for books, we provide you with a customised list of book reviewers and book bloggers interested in reading and reviewing books in your niche and sub-categories. We help you remain on top of all the latest trends of social media marketing.  In case you have already mapped out a marketing strategy in your mind, get it refined by our in-house marketing experts. We at Booksloveme are your one-stop shop for all marketing assistance.