Book Publishing made Affordable for You

Turn your Vision into Paperback and sell it to the World

Book Publishing made Affordable for You

Turn your Vision into Paperback and sell it to the World

Publish your Book with NO EFFORTS even if you have ZERO knowledge of publishing

✅Are you a New Author❓

✅Want to Print and Sell Paperback Worldwide❓

✅Searching a low-cost and high value publication package❓

✅Want an effortless and convenient publishing❓

✅Want to earn continuous and more money❓

If you have answered YES to any question, Booksloveme Publishers can help you become a successful author and earn more money.

Key Benefits of Publishing with Us

☑ Transparent Royalty: 100% royalty for paperback and eBook.

☑ Free ISBN for worldwide selling.

☑ Real time updates of your book.

☑ Effortless and Timely Publishing

☑ 100% control of your book

☑ India’s most Affordable Publishing Package

☑ Pay in EMI or from Royalty money

India’s Most Affordable Publishing Packages

Plan Zero


Per book

Free ISBN, 100% Author Rights, Standard Publishing, 1 Free Author Copy, Paperback Only

Plan A


Per book

Complete Plan Zero, Standard Interior Design and Marketing, 5 Author Copies, eBook also

Plan B


Per book

Everything from Plan A, Professional Interior Design and Marketing, 8 Free Author Copies

Plan C


Per book

Everything from Plan B, Premium Interior Design and Marketing, 15 Free Author Copies

All our publication packages comes with an irresistible offer for NEW AUTHORS only

Worth 10,000 INR

Get 10,000 worth of Branding service for Free
Select an Offer that suits you

Pay 75% amount up-front and remaining 25% from royalty


Pay 100% amount in 4 easy Installments

You deserve to be a Best-Seller Author

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    Why authors choose us over other publishers.

    Every author wants to publish their book so good that every time they see it physically wants to admire themselves of being a best and published author. And I am a proud and published author only because of Booksloveme Publishers. Keep up the good work.  

    Simran / Author

    I saw a book publication ad of putting less efforts and earning maximum royalty of Booksloveme Publishers on Facebook and I opted it right away. After 23 days of giving details, here is my book and I as a published author. I must say, the hospitality is just amazing. 

    Harshit Verma / Author

    After completing manuscript, I tried traditional publisher but no one responded. Then I shifted to self-publishing and found Booksloveme Publishers as the most reliable one. The team is very cooperative as they resolved all my issues and helped and guided me throughout the journey. 

    Hannah / Teacher

    Being a first time author, I had a lots of queries and issues about self-publication. I wanted to resolve all these before finalizing a publisher. The team of Booksloveme Publishers is very professional. Whatever they commit, they complete it irrespective of the odds. I would say, “a huge Thank-You” for publishing my dream.

    Rohit Sharma / Student

    The quality work of Booksloveme Publishers is impressive. Not only publication but when it comes to marketing and author branding, they are doing commendable work for the sake of authors on such a low cost prices that every author can afford without a problem. 

    Tina Brown / Author

    The team of Booksloveme Publishers claims that they are made to help new authors and yes, it is true. Being a new author, they helped me a lot in whole book publication journey. Team is very good and put 100% effort for each book. 

    Jessie / Author

    About Us

    Booksloveme Publishers

    Booksloveme Publishers is a publishing company with an aim to make publishing affordable and effortless for new as well as published author.

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    frequently asked questions

    Unable to find the exact answer? Write us a mail to

    Who is Booksloveme Publishers?

    Booksloveme Publishers is an author-centric Self-Publishing company which allows the authors with full authority on publishing their hard work. 

    Does author owns the rights of book?

    The author of the book retain all the rights of the book. We are here to help you and your book in terms of marketing and distribution. 

    Will I get ISBN for free?

    Applying for ISBN for a book is included in all plans without any extra cost. If you have already applied for an ISBN and want us to use this, we will do it without an issue.

    How much time will Booksloveme take to publish a book?

    It totally depends on the given manuscript. If the book has fewer pages and of small size, it would be published within 2-3 week. If the manuscript contains a lot of issues, it will take 5-6 weeks to publish. 

    Will I be informed about the status of my book’s publication?

    Yes, of course. After all it’s your book; your hardwork and we are just helping you to showcase it to the world. From the approval of cover design to setting the MRP, you are the decision maker in each step. 

    How author earnings are calculated for a book?

    The answer is pretty simple. 

    Author Earning = Selling Price – (Production Cost + Distribution Cost/Warehouse charges + Selling Platform’s Commission)

    Suppose, the selling price of book is 250 and the platform is Amazon India selling through Prime. 

    Author Earning = 250 – (100 + 25 + 85) = 40 (±15)

    How will I get updates of my book?

    You will be updated by the designated Publishing Manager via call, sms, and E-mail. If you need any kind of help throughout the publication process, you can call the manager to get the real time report. 

    Who is responsible to fix the price?

    As stated, you have all the rights of your book, and responsible to fix the price. It totally depends on you. In most of the cases, we will suggest the price to the author as per market research.