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Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh: Book Review

Train to Pakistan book review

‘Train to Pakistan’ is one of the best-sellers by Khushwant Singh. This story is unique because it does not have a main character. It is a tale of a village; a world different from the rest of the world. The people continue their life, untouched by the outside world. It is so genuine that one […]

The Immortals of Meluha By Amish Tripathi

The Immortals of Meluha book review

The Immortals of Meluha follows the story of a man named Shiva, who lives in the Tibetan region – Mount Kailash. Because of a sudden disturbance in his place, he shifts to Meluha. The silent and serene atmosphere is new for Shiva. He is not used to the peace and the morals that they stand […]

I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh: Book Review

I too had a love story book review

 A Beating Heart for an Everlasting Love I too had a love story, is one of those novels that will remind you of all the times you’ve spent watching movies that held the tales of love and emotions. As the name suggests, this is a love story but of course, not an ordinary one. What’s […]

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte : Book Review


Wuthering Heights is a novel by Emily Bronte, published in 1847 under the false name “Ellis Bell”. It is her only completed work of fiction before she died in 1848. At the time, the book met with a lot of controversies due to its stark depiction of physical and mental cruelty.  Wuthering Heights also challenged […]

The Secret Message Book Review

the secret message

The Secret Message book is an illustration book mainly for children. It consists of a number of illustrations that convey a story. And, there is a moral in each story. It is an interesting book to read. About the author: Mina Javaherbin was born in Iran and has studied the literature, architecture, and history of Persia […]